Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fiesta, Fiesta!

 A few weeks ago, I helped plan a birthday party
for my best friend Amibeth! At first I had no idea what type of theme to go with for the party; however, after careful consideration I decided to throw her a FIESTA! Here are my tips on how to throw one of the most memorable Fiestas YET! 

1.) Ambiance: Every party needs some character and this Fiesta was no exception. I decorated the front table with some goodies. This was the first thing the guests saw when they entered the Fiesta! I had a custom made Margarita glass for the birthday girl, Mini margarita shot glasses, Fiesta birthday cake, Picture frame with "Keep Calm and Drink A Margarita" decor, Mexican candy, and Napkins with tequila phrases.
 2.) Mustaches: It's a pretty simple concept. If you are going to throw a FIESTA, it is a must to have mustaches for your guests. Can anyone really be in a fiesta without a mustache? NOT ME! I purchased the mustaches at The Dollar Tree, but you can also pick them up at your local Party City if  The Dollar Tree near you is out of stock.
 3.) Margaritas: I don't think I have to go over this one twice, every fiesta MUST have margaritas.I went to my local Total Wine to pick up the alcohol for the party. Total Wine has the cheapest prices and they have the best selection that I have ever seen. I went ahead and did the "Health Conscious" choice and made sure to do the Margaritas "Skinny Style" per the birthday girls request. This helps to save those extra nasty calories and helps to eliminate the Margaritas from being super sweet. If you are interested in doing the "Skinny Style Margarita" mix tequila and "Skinny Girl" Margarita mix together. 

 4.)Snacks:  Keep your guests munching on snacks throughout the party to help eliminate hangovers. I went ahead and did the traditional chips and salsa for the party and later in the evening we did a BBQ with the following: Carne Asada, Chicken, Beans, Rice, and Guac. I had everyone that came to the party bring a side to help save on costs for the party. It worked very well and I am so appreciative for everyone that helped me out! 

5.) Pinata:Must add the Pinata to the FIESTA. I went ahead and decorated the party with mini Pinatas around the house. I actually purchased the mini pinatas at a local liquor store for a reasonable price. They were a great touch.
 6.) Limes...Don't Forget the Limes: The limes are great for your beers, margaritas, and the occasional foot tricks!!!

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