Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taken, Dating Someone, Or Single Valentines

It's that time again, VALENTINES DAY! I am sure that there are mixed feelings across the board on this holiday. 

If your Taken- you spend the day with that special someone, and exchange heart filled gifts, if your Dating Someone- you really find out how that person feels about you. If the day passes without any acknowledgment, you realize he may not be that into you [or he just hates Valentines Day]. However, if the person goes out of their way to show that they care it is usually a sign of relief knowing that you don't need to wonder anymore . If you are Single- its most likely a day where you are reminded on why you hate men, and you get together with your girlfriends to bash on the male species all night long [been there-done that].

No matter what boat your in this year, I think we all can agree that hearts, lips, x's and o's tend to fill our home this season. I wanted to spread a little Valentine's cheer by showing you some amazing pins that I found on 

<3 "I've fallen in love many times... always with you".  ~Author Unknown


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