Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Over this past weekend, my friends and I hosted an event called Friendsgiving. A few people have asked me what Friendsgiving is so I thought I would share this event in my blog today. Let me break it down to you:

-A Thanksgiving
-With your friends
-Where everyone contributes a side dish to the Thanksgiving Feast and their favorite alcohol to pair

If you want to host a Friendsgiving, here are the steps you need to take in doing so:

1.) Create a guestlist [duh]
2.) Have a sign in sheet where each person can state what they are going to bring to the event. This will help eliminate a million pies being at the event or only dinner rolls.

-----The person that is throwing the Friendsgiving at their house will be providing the Turkey. All the other fixings will be provided by other guests----

On the day of Friendsgiving, as a host-here are some tips to get the day running smoothly before the guests arrive:

1.) Cook the Turkey- Our Turkey was purchased at Walmart; it came with the gravy for the Turkey and was SUPER cheap. $11.99 for a 15lb turkey--STEAL! The turkey was anticipated to feed the 25 guests that were in attendance, but we STILL had leftovers. Something to keep in mind-turkey goes a long way sometimes!

-TIP: Use a Oven Bag for the Turkey. This will help eliminate any mess, and also cut your cooking time down by a few hours. We used an oven bag for our turkey and it was DELISH! Probably one of the best Turkeys I have ever tasted.

2.) Decorate the house-  Before the event, I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some last minute Thanksgiving decorations. It really gave the event the FALL/THANKSGIVING feel to it that we were looking for. We put down a table cloth on all the tables that would have drinks/food on it. This left us with a super easy clean up!

3.) Appetizer Set Up- Have appetizers/select drinks out for when your guests arrive. We went mainly with cheese/crackers dishes. This is something quick and easy that you can throw together. Who knows-you may even have these items laying around in your house. In addition, we hit up the local super maket and picked up some $2 wines. We were really classing it up on friendsgiving!

4.) Pop The Champagne!-You deserve a little celebration; not only are you hosting the event, but you made the turkey, and decorated the house. Give yourself a pat on the back. My favorite way to celebrate is a little Champagne.

-DISCOVERY: Bevmo has the largest bottle of Cooks Champagne for ONLY $8.99. Talk about a STEAL! I will only be purchasing my champagne at bevmo for NOW ON!

5.) Get the Fixin's Together- By this time, im sure most of your guests have arrived. Start placing the dishes on the table--cut the turkey--pour yourself some dranks--and GET TO EATIN!

This event was a HUGE success. This was the first Annual Friendsgiving; many other Friendsgiving's will follow here on out! Hope that you guys try it out for youself! xoxoxoxo


  1. Thanks for documenting the event. It's a great quick reference to throwing an awesome Friendsgiving. You're right the event was a success and a festive way to tell your friends you appreciate having them in your life.